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Swimming pools filters

A Beginner’s Guide To Swimming Pools Filters For Clear Water Everytime

A Beginner’s Guide To Swimming Pools Filters For Clear Water Everytime 

Many people own a swimming pool at their houses while others can enjoy swimming at public pools. Now, one can wonder how the water of these pools is maintained crystal clear. Do they replace the water now and then? Or do they clean the water with some chemical cleaner, or what is the actual process behind it? So, in this article, you will get to know about some standard swimming pool filtration methods widely used.

So, firstly let’s burst your curiosity bubble with the fact that swimming pool water does not generally get replaced for months or sometimes even for a year. And, yes, there’s a right filtration plant to keep the water fresh for this long. One may not easily find any installed filtration plant at water pools because most of them are usually installed at lower heights than the pool. This has its reasons that you will understand when you know how filtration works.


Advance Day Technology – Mobile Pipe-Less Swimming Pool Filters 

A pipe-less swimming pool filter is more like a giant vacuum cleaner carried to the swimming pool. This settles at one side of the pool and is suitable for cleaning the water at the brink.

  • The water at the brim enters the cleaner through holes on the heights point of it. And filtered escapes from the other end back into the pool.
  • These filters usually have sand-based filters for pre-filtration that extract bigger particles like leaves or hairs due to blockage from the filter’s fine sand particles.

These filters are adequate for small home pools, and they can efficiently run on the usual power supply. The power is required to pump the clean water out and also to increase the filtration process.

Swimming Pools Filters For Clear Water Everytime

An Ordinary Set Of A Complete System Of Water Filter For Swimming Pool

Large swimming pools require a set up of filtration pumps, which have various parts in them. A Beginner’s guide to swimming pools filters could simplify the process involved in cleaning the water through piped filters. These filters are generally installed below the pool levels. This is because the swimming pool water is supposed to fall through pipes down the filtration chamber to get filtered.

  • The surface water in the pools falls into a skimmer situated either inside the pool walls or placed there if it is not pre-installed. The surface water and the sediments enter the skimmer, and a basket collects the large substances and passes the rest of the water down.
  • Later the water reaches another basket that ensures the separation of more fine particles if passed earlier. And much cleaner water is passed ahead.
  • Further, the water is pumped to the primary filter that could be a sand-based or glass filtration media, which removes any possible pollutant from the water.


This way, crystal clear water is processed out of these filters, and this process could be run at various instants whenever the water feels like cleaning.


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