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What Are The Significant Types Of Swimming Pools?

What Are The Significant Types Of Swimming Pools?

What Are The Significant Types Of Swimming Pools?

The first type of swimming pool that is cheap to build and still looks elegant is the vinyl liner pools. These are built with the help of panels that are installed by the perimeters of the pool. These wall panels could be of different materials like plastic, ceramic, or metals like steel and aluminum.

Then comes the concrete pools, which, as the name suggests, are constructed with concrete and cement. These pools have a significant advantage in shaping and size of the pool. One can design their cement pool howsoever they want it to be.


And finally, there is a fiberglass pool, which, although don’t offer much flexibility in designing aspects, is considered the best type of pool. This is so because fiberglass pool has the maximum longevity if compared to others under ideal situations. Keep reading to know which type of swimming pool is best.


What Are The Significant Types Of Swimming Pools?

The Downside Of Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

  • The average expectancy of a vinyl line pool resides somewhere between 5 to 10 years as it starts to leak or the wall panels begin to fall off after some time.
  • Another disadvantage related to the vinyl liner pool is that if one has used metal wall panels, then they cannot use salty water for the pool as it will corrode the metal.


Hence, either one has to spend on renovation of a vinyl liner pool after some years; or spend money for traditional desalination of water.


Complication Related To Concrete Swimming Pools

  • As the cement pools are highly porous, one must apply multiple layers of plasters to prevent the pool from leaking.
  • Cement pools are highly prone to algae and similar fungi and microorganisms because of the adequate living conditions it serves for them.


One can state that cement pools require regular cleaning almost every week to get rid of the algae and all. One more drawback of a cement pool is that it requires a lot of time to finish up. Firstly the cement has to dry, then the plaster, and then the outer walls also need time to settle.


How Fiberglass Pools Are The Best Value For Money Choice?

By now, it might be clear to you that which type of swimming pool is best, but there are some necessary details that you still need to know about a fiberglass pool. You cannot build a fiberglass pool like the other two pools type. It has to be built under specific sites and inside a particular die-cast mold. Therefore the number of designs and sizes are usually limited.


Once the pool is completed, it is then transported to its original location, made to sit there inside a hole dug of the same shape as the pool. Some significant benefits of fiberglass pools over the other are as follows.


  • They are rapid to build and settle, and any usual pool would take a maximum of two months before fully functional.
  • The maintenance cost of these pools is close to nothing when compared to concrete pools or any other.
  • Finally, fiberglass pools’ longevity is more than 15 years at the minimum, without any replacing or renovation required.


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